Saturday, January 11, 2020

the centisatoshi

It was “centi” (Lowest Common Denominator Wins All ! it was “centi” ( centisatoshis ) gawking now over this that was bestowed on my birthday 4/21/2019 it was tough math and I didn’t give up all day. It’s not just like “centi”meter or milli not even, I founded the LCD that is fungible/real math worldwide implications. You couldn’t have believed at first because I started you off with the answer; as all else after are tangents and derivatives of thought. turned out centi, the answer from bringing 100,000,000 satoshis on the hot existing blockchain, to a must cold storage (all 1BTC), the task was to bring it back hot assets’ valuation across the decimal point again whereby 100,000,000 next became 10,000,000,000 [NO DECIMAL POINT] you don’t get 1 dollar more after one dollar/you get 10 you fen! all computer languages are made of 0’s and 1’s called assembly language from Computer Science. NO FANCY this IS the Lowest Common Denominator! “centi” or 1/100 is the first to take 3 Decimal Place Holders!!! all basket futures[inverse future] / centisatoshi -have a special day (grueling day’s math kept passing out inalien)